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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Short update on the events in the Ukraine and a better option for Russia

I just wanted to update everybody on a few interesting aspects on the current crisis in the Ukraine.

The opposition:

 Vladimir Klichko, Arsenii Iatseniuk, Oleg Tsiagnibok
Yulia Timoshenko

The opposition is currently headed by four people: Vladimir Klichko, Arsenii Iatseniuk, Oleg Tsiagnibok and, of course, Yulia Timoshenko (in jail, of all things, for signing a gas deal with Putin).  There are a number of smaller parties also participating on the opposition movement, but these four politicians are clearly in charge.  Well, by now, all four of them have officially declared that they goal is not to get the government to reverse its decision or to renegotiate anything.  By now all four have openly and officially declared that they goal is to overthrow the current government.  This is now the official goal of the opposition: regime change.

The EU:

Over the past week or so, the center of Kiev has witnessed constant flow of senior EU political figures who came to express their support for the opposition including Carl Bildt (ex Prime and Foreign Minister of Sweden), Loreta Grauziniene (chairwoman of the Lithuanian Parliament), Guido Westerwelle (German Foreign Minister and homosexual activist), Vlad Filat (ex Prime Minister of Moldova), Mikheil Saakashvili (ex Georgian President and loser of the 08.08.08 war), Jerzy Buzek (ex President of the European Parliament), Jaroslaw Kaczynski ( leader of Poland’s opposition party Law and Justice), John Baird (Canada’s Foreign Minister, no EU but still) and many others. All spoke about the *Russian* interference in the Ukraine's internal affairs :-)

The "pro-Russian" government:

In the meantime it became know that President Yanukovich put forth a number of demands which the EU would have to accept before the Ukraine would sign the association agreement including the joint modernization of the Ukrainian gas transport system and the revision of the EU's position "on the construction of economically unsound facilities for the transportation of natural gas to Europe, bypassing Ukraine".  In other words, the EU would have to stop getting gas from Russia by the North Stream and South Stream gas pipelines.  Yes, this "pro-Russian" politician demands that the EU stop directly purchasing Russian gas.  With friends like these...

The Ukraine riding to a bright future, no doubt

Let's summarize it all:

The opposition wants to overthrow the government, EU politicians are actually on the ground supporting the opposition while the putatively pro-Russian government of Yanukovich demands that the EU renege on its agreements with Russia.

As for me, I honestly wonder whether Russia would not be far better off *without* such wonderful "allies", "friends" and "brothers" as the modern Ukrainians and whether it not be a far better option for Russia to let the (already sinking) Ukrainians join the (already sinking) EU and then sit back and relax to watch the ensuing "love fest" between these two russophobic forces.

The Saker


Anonymous said...

As for me, I honestly wonder whether Russia would not be far better off *without* such wonderful "allies", "friends" and "brothers" as the modern Ukrainians and whether it not be a far better option for Russia to let the (already sinking) Ukrainians join the (already sinking) EU and then sit back and relax to watch the ensuing "love fest" between these two russophobic forces.

I think that would be best too. Doing kindness to a fool is like throwing water into the sea.
Abandoning them would also serve as an example to others. But will make the other side bolder in the short term


Mark Sleboda, lecturer in IR and Secuity Studies, Moscow State University said...

Give up the East and the South of the country that are Russian-speaking and largely Russian ethnic?!? Never! My wife was born in the Soviet Union, in the Crimea, in what is now considered the Ukraine. I have in-laws in the Crimea, Donetsk, and Kiev. Kiev is the heart of historic Rus. We will never give our families, shared culture and history up to the EU and the Galician ethnic nationalists and neo-nazis in the Western Ukraine.
- Mark in Moscow

Yakoub Issa said...

The problem is not the opposition or the government, both are abject, the issue is that there are about 17 million russians and several millions russian oriented ukrainians that Russia can't abandon to E.U. control, this would be death for them, let alone the major moral,spiritual, and strategic defeat that abandoning russian land like Sevastopol, the Crimea, Kharkov, Donetsk, Odessa...etc would mean for Russia, no Russia is right, the E.U. must absolutely be kept out.

Sokenekos said...

And what is Russia to do when NATO moves in - for which they can't wait?

What to do when anglo-zionists install nukes on the territory of Ukraine?

Serbia was attacked for the same reason: to be a US launch pod - assuming that Russians will hesitate to respond in order not to kill its “brothers". Besides, nato ghouls didn’t want to leave any “holes” behind their frontline towards Russia (= Hitler’s school). Could you imagine what will they resort to when they get to Ukraine? It’s gonna be another Iraq with its own version of a perpetual “sectarian violence” fed from abroad to keep it going (= violent neotrotskism).

Ukraine is primarily a military issue.

Anonymous said...

Some people asked why is the "West" so hell bent to "free" the "imprisoned and tortured body" of Yulia Tymoshenko, the braided blond Goddess Berehinya (who was a cute brunette when only a "successful" businesswoman)? And they found an answer: she is a little bit Jewish. Voila. And guess what, her former PM Arsenii Iatseniuk who is now "the leader of the opposition" is Jewish too. So are "some" of the "oligarchs" who financed the erection of the "World Largest Jewish Center" at Dnepropetrovsk.
Is there a push "tsu a Yddish Land" like in the '20s of last century and in the late '40s with the proposal to create a Jewish State in Crimea (which led to the "unsatisfactory" creation of the Birobidzhan Oblast")?

Anonymous said...

We just find out that "In Ukraine protests, young Jews are marching with ultranationalists". Ukraine is OUR country. Hundreds of thousands Russian Jews emigrated to Israel have returned to where they left.

jack said...

What about the Oligarchs in Ukraine unlike in Russia still have major influence and control of media outside of government control?

Who are they and what are their ethnic and political orientation/affiliation Jewish, Ukrainian or Russian?

Russia should just secure oil transportation guarantees with Ukraine and the EU and securing Russia’s Black Sea fleet in the Crimea as well as organised crime/terrorist trafficking and stoking ethnic tension in the Crimea rather than creating a super trading block that is doomed to fail with its inherent cronyism and corruption.



I just came home tonight to find all your thoughtful and, frankly, very pertinent comments. You all raise very important points which I realize need to be addressed and discussed in some depth and I don't think that this comments section is appropriate for that. What I will do is write a separate post tomorrow in which I will try to address all the issues you mention and explain my take on them the best I can.

I have a confession of sorts to make: the reason why I did *not* address certain issues about the Ukrainian situation in my previous posts is not that I am indifferent to them, but because I feel that I am *too* strongly emotionally involved in this issue. I am sure that you have felt my, shall we say, "frustration" with what is happening there but, believe me, the reality is that I feel both nauseated and very angry each time I think about what I see. I was trying to keep my own feelings out my post the best I could and it appears that I did not do a very good job of it so now you are *rightly* calling me out and asking me the right questions. Okay, fair enough, I will answer them without beating around the bush any more.

I hope that by tomorrow I will be able to address the important issues so please stay tuned just a little longer.

Many thanks and kind regards,

The Saker

Anonymous said...

Looks to me Ukraine needs to clean house. Make sure to take the trash out and never to have it return. That includes "the Tribe" and associates.

EU Association, cutting ones nose off to spite oneself.

Anonymous said...

@"young Jews...marching with ultranationalists".
That tells much about "Svoboda"! Don't overlook them.

Nationalist said...

America is presently scaling up its natural gas production in a major way. Within a year or two America plans to have implemented the infrastructure to be major exporter of compressed natural gas and natural gas liquids.

I'm curious to know whether you expect America to pressure western Europe into boycotting the purchase of Russian natural gas. I don't know whether America can strong arm its Zog-puppets into implementing such a policy, but it has always struck me as unusual that the fracking boom has proceeded at such an expansive pace that it caused gas prices to plummet from ~ $11/MCF to $2-3/MCF recently.

Perhaps there was some hidden agenda underlying the massive expansion in gas production -- either to shore up the USDollar by creating a new "petrodollar" regime or possibly to enforce a boycott on Russian energy sales thereby precipitating another economic crisis in Russia similar to the one that caused the Soviet Union to collapse. Back in the 80's when Kuwaiti and Saudi overproduction soared crude oil prices dropped to less than $15/bbl from ~ $40/bbl. It crushed the economy of Saddam Hussein's Iraq and was probably a major factor in the economic collapse of the USSR.

Anonymous said...

Things are moving very fast, so fast that the ordinary Anglo-American "Oh-jolly good they unseat their much hated dictator" consumer of targeted and very tampered with "news", just can´t miss to notice the obvious Anglo-American/Zionazi desperation, that it´s not moving fast enough.

Did i see an orchestrated, Iraqi occupation kind of, "tear down the tyrant" destruction of a statue yesterday (minus US troops, but €Urocrats and the Polish mob indeed present)?

Yes i did. In prime time news. Obviously not Yanukovic but a symbol as good as any in order to sell this western attack and interference in Ukrainian domestic affairs, to a western audience. Or Was it Tianamen? Really doesn´t matter, it´s the symbolic value of the "freedom fighters" in making.

I also hear the "opposition", in the same "news", of various repugnant and outright fascist the €U would crack down on harshly in their own home turf, talk about violence as legitimate means of overthrowing the "regime".

That indeed ring a bell too, about the necessity of "martyrs" for the cause. In many colour coded "revolutions" of NED & Co, we had the snipers killing "their own" and blaming it on the "regime", are we there yet? Time seems to be of the essence for the west here, even for 30€ a day and party with DJ NATO in between, they cant keep the mob out there forever...


Anonymous said...

What Russia can and should do, is to make Ukraine an offer they can´t refuse. The Titanic´s, (€USSR) and their US patron has made non so far and are in no position to do it either. One that also will soothe the oligarchs, Yanukovic included, for the time being and get their integration in motion.

Fern said...

Saker, great post as always. I'm glad you're returning to this topic - here in the UK, this EU-instigated potential coup d'état is not getting the attention it deserves even in the more switched on blogging and internet community. Why do you think the present Ukrainian government has done such a poor job on communicating what the terms of the EU Association Agreement actually are? Or is it that people are so hyped on aspirations that they simply can't 'hear' the realities of the deal?
Mark (in Moscow), I've caught you a couple on times on RT and I've really appreciated your insight and rationality. You were particularly good on 'Cross Talk' countering the claims of Jan Techau.
If, as seems likely, some form of the current proposed agreement is signed, how serious would this be for the Russia generally and its economy in particular?